You're right brother! I personally known people who just...

Richelet - November 30 2011, 3:51 PM

you're right brother!

I personally known people who just finished high school
& they don't wanna drive Tap-tap komyonet.

you know what I'm talking about.

but lets just wait by hoping that Mr. Michel do whatever he can to get those jobs available.

so we can see exactly & clearly who in Haiti that think finish high school make them a philosopher.

I mean, been & being a philosopher is not what the problem, ok. is the thought that make them think after the finished high school they were supposed to a doctor, a lawyer, an Auto mechanic, a president without going to college, what we called "University in Haiti.

but second thought, I think is because they called/name High school as college in Haiti.

that's why when somebody finished high school that make him or her think they was supposed to get pay without a college degree or a job.

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