Why some world leaders avoid to be seen with Michel Martelly

Agent-x - December 10 2011, 12:35 AM

Certain world leaders refuse to be seen with near or far of Michel Martelly.

This is a cuse for worry.

☺☻Does anybody knows why Martelly was not allowed to have photo session with▬ Castro, Fidel [Cuba]▬ Chavez Hugo [Venezuela]▬ Kirchner, Christina* ▬,[Argentina] ▬ Manigat, Leslie [Haiti] ▬ Namphy, Henry [Haiti]▬,Obama, Barack [USA]▬ Preval, Rene [Haiti]▬ Trouillot, Ertha [Haiti]?

Did he manage to avoid taking picture with them or they skillfully and diplomatically refused to do so or that was not done for extraneous reasons.☺☻

By the way, Academician Mirlande Manigat is looking for a place of abode for her political party.

Agent-X is asking the political scientists to look in their tea leaves for the signification of moving her office to another location.

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Fils-aimer says...

agent x you should add on the list of people who refused to be photographed with Michel Martelly to protect their reputation the name of Premier... more »

Rekin says...

Hold down, Ti coq,BE WISE. World leaders would embrace any Haitian if Haiti more »