Dear Bernadette I understand pretty well your point of view...

Ronel Nicolas - November 22 2011, 5:57 PM

Dear Bernadette
I understand pretty well your point of view and you seem to be right but I think the Army is important.

You ask if the rehabilitation of the Army can stop the hunger, malnutrition I answer at a level yes. Because the members of the Army force /soldiers will be paid for their services offered that constitutes a real step of stopping the hunger and reducing the unemployement level.

Other thing, the Army will help in the security of our borders to avoid so many haitian brothers leave the country to get refuge in RD, by this way we gonna have less people living overthere and surrounding neighborhoods.

By having security we gonna have more investments something Haiti really needs.

The problem of Haiti is transversal.

It;s not only local but international too. About the international community, Haiti is not alone by beeing victim and helped because the world become just like a village.

Other problem, haitians beleive too much in the ancestors beleif concerning our relationship with white men.The country of Dessalines is not for....

where is Dessalines?

we are too late in the 21st century.

In the context of globalization some concepts must be reconsidered.

USA doesnt grant so many importance to the independance like haitian! Anyway for haiti an Army force is important for the security of our Land and reducing the unemployment so high level.Some people dont like the rehabilitation of the haitian Army but dont have problem with the UN one! what hipocrasy!

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