Ronel, If I understand you correctly, you think the Army will...

Bernadette - November 22 2011, 10:32 PM

Ronel, If I understand you correctly, you think the Army will reduce unemployment and local protection to the people.

Yes, maybe.

But think about if this same money was invested directly for the benefit of the people.

Benefits like conditional education (not free)Graduates would owe a certain amount of time to the government to educate others and others would continue the same process.

2. Help alleviate the cost of building construction by teaching building code and construction with on the job training to people who will be living in those houses.3.Help with the cost of agriculture and live stock for our people.

Education to the people in relevant small business entrepreneurship.

Help establish and coordination of health care services to the people.

We can't always rely on Cuba and others to take care of our sicks.

We must become self reliant.

The money could be used DIRECTLY for the benefit of the people.

All of the above would serve not once but many times over as people would be housed, fed, educate and be employed with the same money that would be spent on the Army.
The Army is just a question of plain ECONOMICS, pure and simple and of course the direct benefit the people would enjoy if the money was spent on them directly.

People would flee a country with or without an army if they are hungry, need healthcare and in need of a job. The army can't stop that, people will be more crafty on how they do it.
Good economics keep people staying put, not an army.
Again, the Minustah is nothing more than an exported army. We export everything else for our survival, the army is not any different.

Minustah is mean to us is because they see us as prey. We are the "others".

Don't forget any army is train to attack and destroy.

If there is no perceived reason to attack others and destroy homes, than they will attack the civilians.

We already have a police force in use, why not educate them on the very same aspects you talked about?

Those are the tasks of a police force.

Minustah because our government called for them. Again the UN, International Communities are footing up the bill, not the the Haitian government...

In terms of dollars and cents, the Haitian Army does not make sense.

In terms of fast relief and benefit to the Haitian people, again, the Army does not make any kind of sense.

In the end, Haiti will do as Haiti pleases, it's how we roll. Let the chips fall where they may.

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Dear Bernadette I understand pretty well your point...

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