The Samedi are duvalierist Macoutes. A certain houngan named...

Malfini Des Malfini - September 28 2011, 8:48 PM

The Samedi are duvalierist Macoutes.

A certain houngan named Alexandre Samedi, who had a TV show on Ch 38 or 47 on Fridays representing Zantray Organization during the late 1980's and he was a limousine driver for Elite car service; he had his peristile on E 94 St in Brooklyn near Remsen and he was associated with Yves Auguste who had a radio show on moment creole.

Both were Duvalierists propagandists.

Are you Alexandre Samedi relative or daughter?

If the answer is yes, bam talooonn vit

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I don't think Steven Benoit telling the real reason...

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