First and foremost I do not trust Mr. Bill Clinton or anyone...

Jerry Jerome - September 20 2011, 11:47 AM

First and foremost I do not trust Mr. Bill Clinton or anyone else who has anything to do with the French and the American Gorvernments.

It's sad, but that's just the way I honestly feel because of what I know about these two.Even though Mr. B. Clinton ideas are not so bad, but he knows that Haiti have lots of hidden treasures which he himself and the French will never revealed to the Haitian people and they cannot get to them. I promise to anyone who has a chance to read this comments of mine that JEHOVAH will not allowed any other country man to take what HE HIMSELF has saved for HIS children from the beginning of time. Our President Mr. Martelly is doing okay so far, with what he has and his agenda, but he is not the one who will seek GOD face in turbulent time. The one GOD choose is coming very soon to Haiti.

Matter of fact he is in his way and he will be recognize by only few Haitians.

God bless

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