Perfect analogy how the US is protecting the criminal macoutes

Agent-x - September 27 2011, 5:37 AM

Perfect analogy how the US is protecting the criminal macoutes

According to the BBC News Europe, "A high-ranking Nazi officer who helped develop a mobile gas chamber became a spy for West Germany after World War II, archives have revealed."

When criminal worked for an Empire or a regime interest, those countries will go to the extreme to protect those criminals by legal, extrajudicial means, dilatory tactics, political diversion or all the above as we have seen happening in Haiti.

The return to the political scene of Jean Claude Duvalier and the U.S. imposition of pro Duvalierist Michel Martelly to Haiti is a vivid example of how little respect the international community has for Haitian leadership and democratic process.

The US manage to protect its assassins as it is illustrated in Jean Claude Duvalier, Toto Constant, Col. William Regala, macoutes Sanette Balmir macoute St. Ange Bomtemps, Gerard Brunache, Colonel, Colonel Samuel Jeremie, Ernst Bro, Nicol Poitevien, Remy Lucas, Leonard Lucas, Jean-Michel Richardson, Frank Romain, Roger Lafontant, Colonel Raoul Cedras, Claude Raymond, Gracia Jacques, Michel Francois, Madame Marx Aldophe, Louis-Jodel Chamblain, Guy Philippe, Jean Pierre Baptiste, alias "Jean Tatoune" to name a few.

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Animal,eat your heart out. You are too late for your useless scenario,shut up you had your chance after 1986. Your guys are bunch of idiots with a... more »