The constitution of Haiti is clear and states that the...

E. Reyme - August 23 2011, 12:13 PM

The constitution of Haiti is clear and states that the President chooses his prime minister in consultation with the party with the majority in parliament.

In other terms, if there is an established majority, the president has the obligation to accept the prime minister proposed by the majority.

Our constitution, by copying the French model, missed two important facts:
1- The prime Minister is automatically connected with the parliamentary majority
2- A temporary majority may be formed to impose a prime minister.

In this crisis, the president must use wisdom to negotiate and share the government because he does not have the majority.

If he cannot form a government, he has the moral and constitutional obligation to negotiate and run the country.

In this case, his options would be:
1- Pypass the parliament and run the country by decrees during parliament recess (nominating officials to run different agencies to serve the country)
2- Encourage a government of national consensus (with ministerial positions representing political differences in Parliament)
3- If any of these two is possible, recall the entire parliament and organize new elections in 30 days
The 3rd option is harshed and unconstitutional, but the least to avoid potential crises in the future.

An amendment of Haitian constitution is to be considered for an effective and efficient democracy.

Neither one, a presidential nor a legislative dictature is unacceptable.

E. Reyme, MSSL
Reyme Consulting, LLC

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