Flash: US Predator drones will be deployed on over Haiti

Agent-x - July 17 2012, 1:41 AM

Agent-X predicted last year and this year that the Americans will use their predator drone to kill Haitians like they are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq,Palestine, Palestine,Somalia etc
If you have doubt about it read the article below.

Americans should use those drones on its drug addicts not on the Haitians.The source of the drug problem is not in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Colombia,Jamaica or other Latin America countries but in the USA.

If we allow those killing machines in our territory, soon the Haitian genocide will begin in the sky.

The USA refused to accept the blame for its millions of drug addicted but want to blame the rest of the world for its degenerates.

Agent-X demand that the Haitian people should use mass demonstrations against the deployment of those killing machines and find way to shot them down with electronics countermeasures.

Don't let the USA fool you by enticing you to believe that its inferno war killing machines are aircraft

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