To the fatriots, Tthe elite of Haiti fled the Duvalier regime...

Neg Lakay - August 22 2011, 6:47 AM

To the fatriots,
Tthe elite of Haiti fled the Duvalier regime for lack of freedom of the press and of speech;for the most part. But under aristid and preval all the non-thinkiers were armed in order to terrorize the population to submission to lawlessness and who knows what else.
These non-thinkers or fatriots have been raping and taking whatever sense of decency there was left in Haiti.

These live but brain dead zombies have been farting all over the country, and this shooting is just another example of their lawlessness.

You have to make a choice of what you want for Haiti as a Patriot:
Do you the country to be administered with some sense of law?

Do you want the young women to be raped at anytime anywhere?

Do you want people to be robbed and killed anywhere anytime?


I already know the answer of the Fatriots, but the Patriots want control with law.
I will take the control of Gousse an opposed to the lawlessness of these mud animals.

Some are farting and some are thinking.

Think and control your farts, that is sign of maturity and PATRIOTISM.

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