Jay, you did not to express yourself. First, you must tell us...

Dr. Feel Bad - August 22 2011, 2:57 AM

Jay, you did not to express yourself.

First, you must tell us what the Haitians have done to you.
Second, your perception about a given incident or incidents between you and the Haitians may have nothing to do with clannish, racist, discrimination, tribalism, xenophobic or social class polarization.

It may have something to do with the way you interpret the cultural differences if you are not Haitian.

Third, since you are writing on this blog about Haitians, I have the impression that you are a black person or you may be a Haitian that has been thru a forced indoctrination by the dominant culture in a foreign country to the point of hating yourself so bad that you are equating yourself as anything but Haitian.

Fourth, I am here to help you resolve your self-hatred as a black person and or your unfair view about the Haitian community.

However, you must tell us what propelled you to state that we are racist or believe that you are no longer a Haitian.

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hatians are the most racist people in the united...

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