Everyone knows when the President says FREE Education in Haiti...

Jojoline - August 20 2011, 10:18 AM

Everyone knows when the President says FREE Education in Haiti is talking for the one who cannot afford it. Don't play with his words.

Do we think Michel Martelly is damp or crazy that he cannot make difference with what he said. Please STOP deforming anything he said. When are we going to STOP making diversion towards people mind. What happen to us to be that cruel?

I do not speak very well english but please try to be cleaver than that. Let the man do his job. He just take the seat and we alrady have grieves for him. I am asking you guys who are against him ...

what do we get before?

Why the country is in that position?

Is it Michel Martelly who put it in that condition or what is before him?

Why cannot us make UNION to help the country.

I realize with you guys, we have to CHANGE OUR MIND. Why don't we learn are to CLEAN our mind to help Haiti.

Even with Mrs Manigat we were going to have the same problem because it's our MIND who have a problem.

But I prefer to have a Michel Joseph Martelly in that seat for the moment instead of Mrs Manigat.

Why, it's sample.

In Mrs Manigat teams, their is people more capable than her, why they did not make a consensus and find out another representative instead of her. NO, they prefer to be the ORCHESTRA, ah, ah, ah, and Michel Martelly that they are given the nane of ORCHESTRA CHEF, by Mr. Delpe, change is statut to become PRESIDENT.

Ah my friends politicien, who let a Orchestra Chef win the seat infront of you. In that situation their is a VERY BIG LESSON TO LEARN.

THINK TWICE, Lets start over because we all are fitgjting for the same cause.

Let's get together and help him for the 5 years to do something for the country instead of blocking his spirit.

You will make a very big mess but Michel Joseph Martelly is the President of Haiti and will stay. As YOU, he has people who believe on him and are giving him a very big support.

In an other words, Nou prefere gate gnou mange au lye ke nou kite yo separe'l ak tout moun. Exkise'm ...

nou di ke nou inteligen min en realite ...

nou montre ke nou gin gnou GRAV pwoblem de kompotemen ...

aide Martelly and demain se gnou lot ki a monte sou pouwoi.

Kite likomense travay'la parseke li gin kouraj e li ka pale avek blan et lot ki vle aide Haiti san pwoblem.

He knows how to laught, he knows how to talk with other so please don't STOP his energy.

Let him do for the seak of the country.

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