Ti jean pierre, it appears as if you are suffering from a late...

Neg Lakay - August 20 2011, 12:00 PM

ti jean pierre, it appears as if you are suffering from a late stage of mental cholera.

Let me explain: MENTAL CHOLERA is when you have inadvertently digested the fecal waste of a baboon; it subsequently clings to the walls of your brain and distorts your thoughts by rendering most of all that you say a cholera defecating shout.

In your case, you are shouting very loud behind this screen and we hear and understand your pain. For, your brain is slowly turning into a diarrhea infected fecal matter and it all as a result of accidently digesting the bacteria which causes the cholera in a baboon.

You might want to do some research, because i am not sure whether it is a bacteria causing agent or a persistent vermin of a virus.

Hey! I am not a doctor, but you might want to know whether that particular strain from the baboon is classified as a virus or bacteria; you do not want to appear as if you are some non-thinking baboon when you present yourself to the CHOLERA CLINIC.

It is too late for you to go into an acute treatment of tetraycline, but if you mix doxycline and dukoral with kokomb zombi (found by most pig pen in Haiti) you might have a chance of defecating through your anus as opposed through your mouth.

Of which, you have been doing loudly by way of your thoughts through this screen.

ti jean pierre, intelligence without common sense is non-sense.

Ti gacon find your self some sense.

Do not blame any female on this screen for your little penis, that is the result of brain cholera acquired in the womb.
You might feel the need to respond to this medication that your reading - i say medication because it can help - but don't instead go in front of the mirror and ask your many faces if you are just gradually turning into feces.

A mind is a terrible thing to let go to fecal waste, flush the non-sense that is in you before your family and children - if you have any - decide to approach you a face mask and toilet paper for the stuff that is your mind can soon start oozing out your ears and mounth.


Instead, keep your mout shut and start learning respect for females, and humility for the shortcomings of other human beings.

I apologize if it seems as if i am defecating on you, but i am only making you aware of your own shortcomings.

Trust me i have my own, because if i did not i would not be bothering with writting you this written medication for your mental cholera knowing that it is probably too late for you.
There is probably so much of that fecal matter behind your eyes that you probalby will think of this message as improper.

But trust me it is good stuff swallow whole and do not let your pride infected ego stop you from ingesting the good stuff in it.

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