You left Haiti 38 years ago, you say you worship God, and you...

Gavriel - July 31 2011, 2:35 AM

You left Haiti 38 years ago, you say you worship God, and you never heard of anyone by the name Duvalier.

You are a not being truthful When
haitians become citizens of other countries does not mean they don't know whats going on In the country they were born. If you were born In Haiti but left 38 years ago and became a U.S.
Citizen.your citizenship Is not the same as If you were born In the United States.just In case you did not know your citizenship is Achte, ki vle di.for example Its only good If you do not commit any serious crime In the united states.

If you did commit a very serious crime In the united states, and was arrested
sent to prison, served your time.and soon as you get out of prison don't think you are going home.
Immigration will take away your citizenship and deport you back to the country you were born which Is Haiti.The country you deny.even your worship In God won't keep Immigration from deporting you back to Haiti, the country of your birth.God Is the ONE who decided that you will be born Haitian, so thats the way It was.this Is true stuff to correct you and any others born In Haiti, became U.S.A. citizens and now denying that they don't know anything about whats going on In Haiti.

Immigration takes away the citizenship of anyone not born In this country but became a U.S citizens and commits serious crimes, and serves time In prison.

If you have children that are born In this country they are safe and cannot be deported to another country after commiting crimes.

because they were born In the united states of america.But not you' your citizenship and others who were born In another country and became U.S.Citizens'Is what you call citizenship achte.Its only good If you obey the laws of this wonderful country.

Always remember this'God Is the ONE who decides who will be born where and you should always be proud of the country In which you were born.

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I left Haiti 38 years ago, so I never heard of him...

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