I left Haiti 38 years ago, so I never heard of him and others...

Josy - July 30 2011, 8:08 PM

I left Haiti 38 years ago, so I never heard of him and others with the last name Duvalier.

I never heard of ti, moyen, or gros Nicolas.

The tonton macoute (boogey men) who bowed down were worshipping a man, and did it for power.

I only worship GOD, so they did it for money and greed.

They did not have to worship a man, and could simply walk away. They did not want to work the land, and wanted to live on easy streets.

I hope they understand GOD is very jealous, and you should not have any other god including ti nicholas.

Money, greed, sex, drugs, power, and other materials or earthly things are all gods.


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Josy,where were you.You didn't know about ti...

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You left Haiti 38 years ago,you say you worship...

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