Max mills, have you ever heard, "sa ou pa konnen, pi gran pase...

Belfanm - July 20 2011, 9:26 PM

Max mills,

have you ever heard, "sa ou pa konnen, pi gran pase ou?"what's wrong with pointing people to other sites?

belpolitik is not the only site that discuss Haiti, so why should someone not broaden their understanding?

one person asks important questions on a government program and someone tells them where they can read more info that can answer their questions and yet you insult the person for providing a good site. I read Haiti Libre, Defend Haiti all and Belpolitik and I also go to google news and search Haiti because I want to learn as much as I can about what is happening in my country so when I talk about a subject regarding haiti, I Know what I'm talking about.

whoever you are Max mills, I don't understand why you advocate ignorance, maybe it works for you but Ignorance is no bliss my dear.

as for the topic at hand, this news should clear up many of thetent camps.

I have been to Haiti at 3 times after the earthquake and all these people say they will get free houses because that's what the NGOs told them. now President Martelly decide to finally tell them the damn truth.

Now that they hear that is not going to get anything, they will do what Haitains do best, yo pral brasser la ri-a, to find a little cash to rent. it make sense to build decent low-income apartments.

in the US we all are not not homeowners so why should all haitians in haiti be homeowners?

a morgage program is good, it will help the Haitians who are working because not all Haitian are lazy. the poorest are the hardest working, like the bouretier, how hard is that job! the ti machanns, the lazy Haitian are the ones with a high school degree who think they are philosophe therefore too good to do any job that don't require wearing a tie. the first people to get a nice apartment should be the working poor, those that labour day and night, ti machann, bouretier, moun kap siye soulier, these people are hardworking and they deserve a break but people with no jobs go back to your small town and village.

they left their village for high school in portoprince and refuse to go back to help their family with their farms!!

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