Gabby do not you realize that people are expressing their true...

Max Mills - July 20 2011, 1:57 PM

Gabby do not you realize that people are expressing their true feelings on certain topics here, and then you are contradicting them.

If you recall all your negative comments about who agrees with who, never you .In fact you always sending people to other sites for more informations.

Why Sir Woodring never direct us to these sites but only you. I might be wrong, may be, you doing it for a good purpose yet I don't see anything wrong with what Bernadette said here, that is the real truth.

I 100% agree with her.

How do you know so much .If I were a CIA I would say that you are on Martelly 's payroll or you are a die hard fanatic who will do anything to get closer and closer to him if you do understand what I mean. My lady, democracy begins with free speech and respect others ' opinions.

Stop refuting people .No one is a politician here. All of us are here for the same cause.

When a fisherman throws his net in the sea and pulls it back he has the right to throw away what he does not want and keep the best. My point is you will never be pleased with all the comments here.

Let them be. Do not refute.

No one cares about your IQ here. (se mwen ki di'l )

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Bernadette, Check. They have the most updated news on...

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