No FREE Houses In Haiti, President Martelly Says

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - President Martelly says YES to Low income housing and NO to No Income Housing... Nothing is for FREE in Haiti!

New Haiti Home - Steel Frame Construction

This week is reconstruction week in Haiti and Haitian president Michel Martelly made it very clear that there will be "No Gift Of Housing" contrary to popular belief.

Monday July 18 was the official launch of Haiti Reconstruction week, There was a big ceremony at Haiti's National Bank (BRH) attended by many dignitaries where lots of models of downtown Port-au-Prince were showcased.

During that ceremony, President Martelly said:

"Together with my government, we will... provide access to home loans to those with small pockets (credit immobilier aux petites bourses). It is understood that there will be no gift of housing"

"We must finally leave the logic of emergency and turn the country into the future, to reconstruction.."

How will the public react to this?

In Haiti everyone expects something for nothing. In Haiti's Tent cities, it seems most if not all the Earthquake survivors are on hold and waiting for a FREE home to be handed down to them.

Side Note: When I first arrived the United States, the first 5 words I learned in English were: "Nothing Is FREE In America."

It almost seem that the first 5 words in Haitian Creole are: "Vinn Pran... Gratis Ti Cheri!"


What will be the public reaction when they learn that there will be no gift of housing in Haiti.

Reply with your comments

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Doubletranchant says...

I agree NOTHING IS FREE.What do you thing if you spend billions of dollars to build all these houses and hand a key to everyone?

What is going to happen in the next 20 year with these houses?They will need to be repaired and no one will be able to.You will see all of them going down. It should be a program to maintain them while the owner will have a contribution to the state of Haiti so the environment can be maintained.

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Maxo Louis Jean says...

I think as leaders we need to be very careful of the term that we used when we to get into power.

My belief is that the people will feel desapointed beccause they are now learning that the word "FREE" does not mean no cost. so i think i would have been great to make the people clear on the issue of free housing.

But at the same time i don't believe in freeness and futhermore where the government will get the money to build houses to give away for nothing.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Albert Cameau, you most be of the lazy Haitians men sitting in barber shops to talk trash and wait for the welfare check in mail.
Why are you upset?

like i say nothing is free in this world, only death is free.
Go help rebuilt Haiti, animal.

Lazy Haitian, vole

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Neg Lakay says...

stick and stone won't brake by bones.

Stop divide people, you fool. There is a method to your madness, you want to divide so you can conquer.

Such an old trick, very blaze, try another one brother.

The Haitian communities belong to all of us. No division this

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Albert Cameau says...

Shut up.Homo like you will live in separate

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Max Mills says...

You are right I sould have done my homework before I past my comments and judgement.

I would like to appplogize to every one for my silly mistakes especially Gabby, she was right and I was wrong.When I directed myself to the sites I found so much informations I wasn't aware of. Hat off to Miss Gabby.

Sorry once again Gabby for comments

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Belfanm says...

Max mills,

have you ever heard, "sa ou pa konnen, pi gran pase ou?"what's wrong with pointing people to other sites?

belpolitik is not the only site that discuss Haiti, so why should someone not broaden their understanding?

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Max Mills says...

Congratulation ! Bernadette, well put together.

I like your comments to the

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Max Mills says...

Gabby do not you realize that people are expressing their true feelings on certain topics here, and then you are contradicting them.

If you recall all your negative comments about who agrees with who, never you .In fact you always sending people to other sites for more informations.

Why Sir Woodring never direct us to these sites but only you. I might be wrong, may be, you doing it for a good purpose yet I don't see anything wrong with what Bernadette said here, that is the real truth.

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Gabby says...


Check They have the most updated news on Haiti.

Especially, the information on all these questions you've been posing on this

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