At Service du Domaine, I would fire you if I were your boss in...

Jim - July 17 2011, 6:59 PM

at Service du Domaine, I would fire you if I were your boss in Haiti.

Pour un soit disant employe de l'etat haitien, tu ne sais pas comment ecrire car tu melanges le francais avec l'anglais dans une meme phrase, sans respecter les regles elementaires de le grammaire.

En fait, tu ecris comme un pieds.

You are accusing Gousse of transfering haitian's government land and obviously trying to trow dirt at him. Why didn't you raise this issue years ago and had him investigated?

No. Knowing Gousse's record as a former Minister of Justice and the changes and order he wanted to implement in Haiti, I give him much more respect and credit as a honest man than YOU. Obviously, you are a supporter of Inite or Lavalas.

You must have got that position in haiti's public service because of your contacts with these pleople who are now trying to stop the country from moving forward because of personal interests.

I put you in the same category.

So, stop with your baseless accusations, you sounded quite idiotic actually.

Did you say anything about the "Parle Menteurs' behavious, acting stupid?

No, your aim obviously is to destroy the possibility that Gousse becomes Prime Minister.

We all understand where you are coming from and what you want to protect.

Why don't you....go away?

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