Can President Martelly LEGALLY Dissolve The Haiti Parliament?

A few days ago, my father told me he heard on news a rumor that President Michel Martelly is planning the dissolution of the Haiti parliament.

I din't pay it no mind at that time but this rumor has since been floating on the internet and many people are talking about it.

One thing I know for a fact is that Haiti aing going nowhere if the President and parliament cannot work together.

So my question is:

Does Michel Martelly, as president of the republic of Haiti, have any CONSTITUTIONAL right to dissolve parliament and under what conditions.

There is blogger on our forum, Toulimen Legrand, who said back in April:

"He [President Martelly] just needs to swear as president of Haiti and after that he can dissolve the Haitian parliament to call for new elections in the next 30 days following his rise to power.

He can do that and further he can issue an executive order as called in French "Decret Loi" to abolish the post of prime minister by creating the post of vice president to have a real classical presidentialism type of power."

Interesting arguement but Toulimen did not mention any articles in the Haitian constitution that gives the president that right.

Preval did it... RIGHT???

I cannot recall why or how... But I know he did...

Now it's Preval's Parliament that is standing in Michel Martelly's way... So what now?

What is your argument?

Does Michel Martelly, as president of the republic of Haiti, have any CONSTITUTIONAL right to dissolve parliament and under what conditions.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jean Pierre, thanks to God your familly name is not Alexandre.

The truth is first time i see a C O C K S U C K E R by the name of Jean

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Kenold Pierre says...

Is it okay to make a point .That does not mean that I'm a duvalierist.

That was fact .Jean Pierre I'm may not be anybody 's " iste " I still don't hate .We share the same opinion sometime on this blogg, In case there is divergence I still pay you a great deal of respect as a fellow haitian .one last thing: If you have to rewrite the history of Haiti you must include every single politicians {presidents} wether you like them or not. Sorry bro in case I disappoint you .feel free to reply.

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Jean Pierre says...

Do not mention Duvalier name her. The should exterminate all the Duvalier.They are notorious criminals and thieves without

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Romel Pierre-lys says...

He would not have any choice but to fire all the theves of the parliament and govern by decree.

These people have no shame and it comes to a point where you are forced to ask:are these thugs

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Kenold Pierre says...

That 's what I meant when I said Papa Doc was right .And I'm for it 100/00 ; He dissolved the"" Senats"" and keep the ""deputes "" I remwmber under his government Haiti functionned without " senateurs " Only deputes .That's probably the reason why .Get rid off them, they

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Elisabeth says...

Good morning
I believe the president should dissolve the parliament because you can see it is not about the country it is about themself they
Should have given the ok to Rouzier but they refused him now they are upset about Gousse choice my understanding was they were given 10 names by the President and they left the choice between 3 candidates and when the President choose Gousse they are unhappy why?

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Papyjojo says...

Started from many decades ego and until now the only image people seemed to notice about Haiti is a failed and impoverished country.

A beautiful country previously known

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Grenadye16 says...

Qui l'aurait crut?

Il y a 5

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Sergo Jean says...

I do support the topic and He is free to do it. Constitution an bal doua e pouvoi pou fixe ninpot administration ou biro nan leta ki pa ka fonctione, pou fel mache bien o service de nation an, ke li se sel comandan an chef e prezidan de la republic.

Vu ke CEP kite fe election te nan frod epi mamb li yo gen anket cap fet sou yo pa la justice ayisyene tout suit apre jujman e si la justice declare ke CEP a coupab, Prezidan plen pouvoi pou pran yon arete prezidantiel pou di an rezon de tel act ki te comi an dat du ...

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

Mr Joseph Michel Martelly est le President d'Haiti.Il est le President de tous les haitiens.

Je demande au Parlement de travailler ensemble avec lui pour l'avencement de notre

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