Bonjour! il faut batir avec une fondation solide!

St Esprit - July 12 2011, 5:31 PM

PSalm 127 I would like to say something.

I am glad that you are building shelters for Haiti.

Can you please build them in Blocks, more steady, like the one in the United states;especially the country suffers earthquake and a lot of time they have turnadoes so they can remain permanent.

It would be like the proverb IN haitian lave men siye ate; Since Haiti is a shakeable place by natural disaster.

I would like to remain in contact with you through prayer and supplications.

If they build like five floor buildings they would at least even room with 7 beds with full utility kitchen on the ground wash room a place to pray with a chaplain and service and workshop room where they can learn new skills to be able to move to neww territories at prospective and convenient times so other pooor and homeless one can use. Also keeping RA's and case worker with viable and good sociable people with patients will help them be diligent about life.
Not to forget an entertainment room.

I would also like to support through donnations

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