Jean pierre, thanks for the reply and understanding, i think i...

Thomas - July 12 2011, 7:23 PM

Jean pierre, thanks for the reply and understanding, i think i can spend my time making comments with someone like you.
to be honest with you i don't know much about "GOUSSE", but if you say that man have bad seeds like Aristide, i believe you, we have problem, now i am wondering what martelly have in mind chossing that guy, to me aristide not only have bad seeds, he is a cancer, i belive with no treatement available.

i like Martelly as he seems to be determine to bring a change with a better life in our country, but those maniacs try to be on his way, i hope he doesn't choose a prime minister to fail him.

may he doesn't have much option, or may be he have a plan, but one thing i can tell you, i don't know about you, but i did like his first choice, to me that was the best choice he could ever make.

Too bad they did not let hin through

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Thomas,you have a point regarding the Prez...

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Thomas,i agree with you about his first choice,also...

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