Dear Moderator, You need to read a few more publications to...

Belfanm - July 12 2011, 2:51 PM

Dear Moderator,

You need to read a few more publications to get your facts straight, especially They tend to be up to the minute with Haiti news is also a good source.

I tell you this because, the fact is President Martelly gave a list of ten possible choices for premier Ministre to the Haitian Parlement and they strike out 7 names leaving 3 including Gousse, Ceant and Bellerive.

The question should be what kind of game Parlement is playing when it rejected 7 out of 10 but left Gousse on the list and When Martelly picked Gousse they then wrote this letter about how outrage they are when Martelly picked Gousse.

If Gousse was such an abomination to the Parlement members why did they leave his name on the list?

was it just to screw with Martelly or force him in a bind to pick either Bellerive a continuation of Preval or Ceant an old Aristide cofidente or turncoat?

Did Martelly outplayed them by picking the one choice that they were sure he would not pick. the point is Parlement got beat in their own game by giving the prsident an option that he did not have. they should have giving the president an option that he did not have. they gamble and they lost, he pick the guy they did not want, now they do look like they are stalling the country.

thank God November elections are coming, the people need to vote these incompetent, idiotic criminals out!!!!! especially that idiot, gro soulye, abitan abiye, pat espere Lambert

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