I think we should be smart about this issue view of past...

Bernadette - July 2 2011, 10:25 PM

I think we should be smart about this issue view of past experience.

Yes, Martelly should sell land to the highest bidders if he can. He needs money desperately to develop Haiti;But he should protect Haiti with certain clauses pertaining to those sales.

For instance Haiti can decide to sale land to non-Haitians but the ownership is only FOR LIFE. Ownership CANNOT be inherited unless the heirs were born in Haiti with at least one Haitian parent.

Otherwise the land would automatically reverted back to the Haitian Government after owner's death.

Or Haiti could decide not to sale at all but to give long-term leases to foreigners.

However, Martelly has to make deals, even with the devils, if he has to. Haiti can't stay still or be on the good graces of foreign aid forever.

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