i am not suprised

Maxo Louis Jean - June 22 2011, 7:26 PM

Well well well! it is said that nothing new under sun. is there anybody that ays taxes at all in haiti?

if they do to whom they pay it?

and no wonder the country can't advance and develop, it's because nobody wants to pay taxes and the reason we hatians don't pay taxes is because we have a weak government.

tax revenue helps the government to maintain the infrastructures of the country.

everybody is filling their pockets and wait on government to do for as if they do something to help. it is said give and it will come to you but we want to receive all the time. my hope is that this new administration will stand firm epi yo dwe fe tout moun pran men yo tet kale.
let it be now "to be or to be" we are here to make change and that change start internally that means in the people mentality.

they need to understand why they have to fulfill their civic obligations as a citizen.

we always say that its foreign people that destroy haiti and i feel we are responsible for most of the destruction.

look at it this any haitian living abroad fulfill and abide by all rules and regulations in somebody's lse country and refuse ti do it at home. man so much skackness don't know what to say. may this government really makes a huge difference in all aspect.

God bless

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