Woy... Rouzier Rejected For Failing To Pay Proper Taxes LOL...

Can you believe this crap? -- I just read an article on CNN that says "Those who opposed Rouzier [as Prime Minister of Haiti] alleged that the millionaire businessman had failed to pay proper taxes." Anmwey!!!

Daniel Rouzier

What kind of BS reason is that?

The only people in Haiti who pay proper taxes is...


This issue, CNN says, "made longtime observers of Haiti laugh aloud!" I mean really... Aren't you laughing right now?

Aint no businessman in Haiti can be Prime Minister of Haiti!

I guess Jacques-Edouard Alexis, Rene Preval, Yvon Neptune and, Jean Max Bellerive all paid their PROPER TAXES!

Oh Man... I am thinking things I cannot say!

O! L'Eternel!

Jocelyn McCalla, a Haitian-born political strategist and human rights expert says... "Who in Haiti has ever been honest about that (paying proper taxes)?"

Can you believe this?

What do you have to say about this Huh?
Can you believe these people?

Reply with your comments!

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Jim says...

It is interesting that that the clan wants to share power and have ministers appointed.

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Ona says...

This is all big BS reason, no one has ever paid taxes in Haiti specially the former Haitian Gouvernment and all senates and deputies.

They don't want ot see Haiti

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Parol tafia, dilatwa,koriptyon, asasin,mechan, ti vis, san ront't, Lavalas,Inite, vomisman

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Alli says...

sa fet wont ua chien pou haiti pa mim-n kapab electe you premier minis epi pou yo gintan ap chage diaspora a $1.50 pou chak $100 dollars ke nou voye. ki sa yo pral fe ak lajan sa a?

eske se pou yo vin-n achete bel palto nan u.s. or pou yo veye madam-m yo abite nan u.s. ou bien canada ou bien france epi se nou pov diaspora a ki pou

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Tisoune says...

There is more to this than meets the eye, When you become high profile, you have to watch your ps and qs. Don't say anything that comes out of your mouth.

Everybody is listening and some are ready to create problems for you. There is that green eye monster ready to devour you, another word jealousy.

And of course remember that the enemy is watching and waiting for his next

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Mitch says...

this is an important website for fake haitian leaders to enter their payroll

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Sergo Jean says...

I do not believe Rouzier rejected for falling to pay proper taxes, Se yon zafe coule cap regle pou mulat pa pran peyi a pou yo.si se zafe tax cap regle se pou palmante yo di a pep la ki article e loi avec numero form yo te vote ki di ke chac ayisyen doue ranpli chac fin ane pou declare conbien cob yo fe duran ane a e si yo pa declare tax sa ki sa leta ap fe avec mounn sa e conbien tan de prizon mounn sa yo ap pran. an tan ke citoyen ayisyen mwen souete palmante yo publiye form sa avec tout numero li pou pep la ka we .se yon kestion de yon mulat ou bien yon ayisyen blanc ki reusi a oganize vi l epi yon bann neg ki pat jann panse nan vi yo e ki arive pase nan magouil nan election ap eseye we si yo te ka elimine.map di palmante yo bagay sa neg ki conn panse ap toujou panse e sa ki pa conn panse ap toujou rete nan eta malere ke yo soti e se sac fe Haiti pov e se pa moyen sa yo ka fe cob e non travay du pou reusi .I hope Haiti will be free from you palmante san

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Jim says...

It seems we past the point of trying to reason why Rouzier was rejected.

We all know the truth that Inite as a political clan wants to remain in control.

With Rouzier as prime minister, they would effectively be out of the inner circle of power.

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Mitch says...

I have heard everything so far, we have educated ourselves into the imbecility that a president is a master of ceremony an IL supremo whose judgment and decisions cannot be questioned.

We Haitians are idolatrous or just too faithful and gullible to be very kind in my wording.

We are used to a strong leader.

When I was a kid, I remember reading those statements of affirmation of

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Myrtho says...

It is a joke, a very bad one. Since when Haitians business owners are obligated to pay taxes do not make me laugh.Who came up with that policy.

people are becoming really annoy of that ridiculous

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