Nichola, i can gives you the tech necessary to bring them down...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 8 2011, 2:03 PM

Nichola, i can gives you the tech necessary to bring them down on their knees.

But you will needs some real balls and determinations.

Are you good in Chemistry?

If you are not shut the fuck up!
I need men with balls and interlligence.

War don't fight with muscles anymore or while you are in heat, upset and all that crap, too much talk etheir.

Beside that, those mother fuckers in that airport deserve that treatment.

When, the last time you went to Haiti?Past thru that stinking fucking airport?

All that fucking kidnapping connections are there.

Customs are the assholes of the past governments of Aristide Preval connections.

Haiti's airport and Ecuador are the only airports in the world you can get rob plain day light with customs services.

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What a shit Brazilian miniustah soldier think he is...

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