Shots Fired at Haiti Airport - MINUSTAH Responsible!

Brazilian MINUSTAH soldiers broke into Customs at Haiti International Airport with heavy guns and tear gas to facilitate the delivery of luggage without verification, AFP Reports...

Yes Sir... MINUSTAH Allmighty!

Haiti airport customs agents were searching through passenger luggage and found taxable items.

When they attempted to tax these passengers, MINUSTAH soldiers rushed into airport customs, stopped the search and walked the forcefully passengers out.

Once outside, in the clear presence of the Haiti airport police commissioner, AFP reports, MINUSTAH soldiers fired lots of gunshots in the air to intimidate the airport employees and obviously Haitian customs agents.

Relatives of passengers waiting for their loved ones waiting outside the airport were in shock. Some wondered what these passengers had in their luggage and what would happen if the Haitian customs agents resisted

On the MINUSTAH web site, it is written:

"The UN expects that all peacekeeping personnel and adhere to the highest standards of behavior and conduct themselves in a professional and disciplined manner at all times."

So... Do you think these soldiers read that part?

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Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine says...

You are very smart.

I have been taking time out; for I have a vision which must nenev die. I have been concentrated in my studies, but I love all of you for courage and strong support toward my lovely country that one day my Star must raise to the highest stardar for a peaceful revolution for social and economic equality.


Rev. Dr. Rivel

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Miejo says...

well as you please, the situation is not that simple as you are talking, anyway it's about time that WE educated Haitian American Negro must say goodbye to OUR LIFE in American and moove OUR ASS to HAITI as The Black American never move away from their country 1- they over come, 2- they had a dream 3- yes they can and they are among the great Americans today.

I am so proud of the negroes American I love them, very proud to be also a NEGRO because of them-
WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THE MUNISTA TO MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY IF YOU HAVE A SOLUTION STAND FOR IT President Michel Martelly I am sure will appreciate your suggestions.

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Richelle says...

That is the last time I respond to your comment on this subject.

It is not about american it's about minista what they did last week at the airport dmm it.Yes I got american help went to school with fafsa plus scholaship so what.You think what minista did at the airport was ok.I refered to the word of yours mental illness and that is why I said you talking american.Not mwen sou do bef ap pale mal bef, reading comprehension.

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Miejo says...

well! if you think so what can I tell you but I hope you never need the americans help, nor their schools jobs, their visas etc. hope you are a haitian that is ready to help HAITI.


Haitians have to have the courage to say NO to what we are receiving from the international and stand strong to defend our country.

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Sergo Jean says...

I do believe Haiti will be free one day again.

paske mwen cre chac siec gen bon mounn ki ne pou pran direction peyi l an tan ke chef de l'eta.mwen cre ke David e Salomon te roi sou tout Juif yo.Mwen cre ke a la mezu ke Ayisyen yo retounen a yo menm e reconet gen yon Dieu cap viv e yo mete foi nan li, yo suspann fe sa ki pa bon e mete 10 comandsman an aplication ou pral we Haiti ap vinn lib anco paske mwen pa janm cre yon peyi ka avanse pandan ke pep li e dirijan yo ap viv nan inikite ou bien coruption.

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Richelle says...

Whatever, by the way I'm not talking like a child you are. Going out of context haiti is a rich country 8 million whatever which have nothing to do with the recent act from the minista.

I was simply respond to the act of minista guys and the act was not a mental act.If you really know what mental act is then you should know what are you talking about.

Those guys create a suddenly act start firing a gun at the airport they did that for a reason and the reason was to scare the haitian worker.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Hey Guy,
What are you going to do about it?

Talk is very cheap.

You have a tiny balls in your ass.
Those munistash guys have the balls size of a water melon variety name "the Carolina" with they heavy metals in their hands.

Beside, those guys in that airport deserve that treatment.

I know very well the stinking system on that airport.

Bad job in the airport dude, admit it.
Good job

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jynee, very simple, The new Prez need to push forward fast the new army. we cannot throw them out just like that. Haiti have a lot of vacabons in it.
Aristide is the top, whom want to create instability.

Do you want blood in the country?

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Marlene Burcky says...

Mr Joseph Carlos
It is 3'30 am and i was up reading your article.

I would stay all night reading your articles Thank you I hope a lot of peoples here have enjoyed it

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Jynee says...

these vacabon sale from other 3rd world countries ministah have no respect haitians period.

these fresh bastards think they can treat Haitians however they want, they try to approach any Haitian women to sleep with them for money.

many a times my friend had to curse them out because she rent houses to them. they are a bunch of poor nobodies who think they are better than Haitians.

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