I am sad that the goverment had to make that kind of...

Elisabeth - May 28 2011, 12:10 PM

I am sad that the goverment had to make that kind of intervention
The population should have already think that they could not stay like this indefinitely people
Need to help themself it show a lack of respect to think that you can live like this for over 1 year without making a move to improve your living condition it shows that we are looking for a free handout please all people in tent should get with family and friends and get out of tent I am sure if they wanted to get out they will find a way.the free house will take time so are we gonna let all this people on the street, the governement need to have agent to take people names and try to locate their family so they may be relocated to another area no more tent city give yourself a chance.

Haitien pa chita tan en nou travail pou nou reconstruit la perle des antilles.how do you think people view the situation?

Haitien are lazy and they are waiting for free handout, please get out of tent city.

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Are you saying all Haitians are lazy? The claimed in...

The people who are under the tents have one way or...

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