Ok people! settle down! take a deep breath and exhale! People...

Tiba - May 18 2011, 6:51 PM

Ok people! settle down! take a deep breath and exhale!

People, please stop the nonsense talk about change!

Those of you who are trying so hard to make "Change" as a Haitian phenomenon proves clearly how uninformed and plain ignorant you all are about change and it's process.

First and foremost, change is Not a Haitian phenomenon.

Second, no one on the planet, including even the Americans, don't like change.

It's part of HUMAN nature to feel comfortable with familiar surroundings and way of life they are accustomed to.

No one is comfortable to embark on a path that is unknown.

Change does creat high anxiety, sweat, and panic attacks to everyone and that's why it's so hard to bring change in any establishment or country because all change requires some level of sacrifice.

At your job, when you and your co-workers hear your boss or the president of the company start talking about making changes, you and co-workers start to sweat, and anxiety starts to kick in, etc...

because you're afraid maybe you will lose your job because of these changes, etc...

No one welcome change well whether it's Haitians, or Americans, Canadians, French, etc...or whether you are black, white, yellow, blue, etc...or whether you are old, young, etc...

So, the person who cut the power cord/wire that caused the blackout did so by envy and jealousy, but the person did it mostly out of fear of the change President Martelly is talking about.

Even though this person might be begging every day for a piece of bread to eat, but he feels comfortable with the life he is living because that's all he knows.

It's too scary to go along with those changes Martelly wants to bring to Haiti.

Nobody likes change!

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