I am not surprise, and it shows we have a...

Josy - May 18 2011, 6:58 PM

I am not surprise, and it shows we have a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lllllllllllllong road ahead of use before we can catch up with our neighbors.

President Joseph Michel Martelly, his wife Sophia, and their children need prayers.

You do not survive in Haitian politics if you are not corrupt, and if you stand up to the con artists or scammers in the government you are in big trouble.

They did not accomplish a damn thing by cutting the wires, and just again show the world they are animals who need to be tamed.

It is time for the little guy in Haiti tell the big crooks "we no longer want to do your dirty jobs while you are vacationing in Europe", and "we will not kidnap people anymore or kill them to make you richer.

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