SHOCKING NEWS About The Haiti Blackout During Michel Martelly Inauguration

SABOTAGE - If you think the power outage during the swearing in of Michel Martelly as president of Haiti was a an accident, think again... It was NO ACCIDENT... The electric cables were cut with a MACHETE!

EDH - Electricity In Haiti

You're Kidding me right?

Nope... I am dead serious!

"This is an anti-democratic act" Edmond Mulet says...

Yesterday morning I was listening to Haitian radio and I heard that there was an investigation going on about the blackout and I thought maybe the Martelly camp was overreacting a bit...

I mean, really... Blackout is very common in Haiti although, the day of the election, I specifically heard a radio commentator say that it has never been this bad before...

And then I read on Haiti Libre that Edmond Mulet himself, the outgoing head of MINUSTAH, is outraged, saying that the electric cables supplying the building where the Michel Martelly was swearing in as President were cut with a machete!

A Machete!

Wiiiii... Yon Melyasinn pitit!! (Se konsa yo rele manchet bo lakay-anm)

EDH denies responsibility in the incident...

They say that the building's power was not supplied by EDH but came from a generator supplied by the organizers of Martelly's investiture.

I don't know what to think about all of this so... I will leave it up to you to...

Reply with your comments!

But I do have a question though!

What the hell was this "BLACKOUT" supposed to accomplish? It's not like Haiti's National Assembly was inputing Michel Martelly's information into Haiti's main frame computer!

Who came up with this cleaver idea?


Reply with your comments!

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Dossous Form The Netherlands says...

It's sad to see what's going on exactly on the president's day however i need to say this they have to do they best to bring the culprit to justice.

N.B.To the president of haiti we as diapora need a relief on the Duane in port of haiti we have heavy duty truck, gabage truck, tank truck and a few loaders to send to haiti but the president need to give us a grace for sometime to ship those equipements to haiti so we can built haiti together.

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Bernard says...

This act has LAVALAS and INITE written all over

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Caribbean Observer says...

The black out was done either by Martelly people or by the Americans for the same reason.

Martelly was put in Haiti by the USA and under its protection.

There is no way that some one will cut the cord from the electrical generator without getting caught by the well trained American security personnel there.

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Josy says...

I am not surprise, and it shows we have a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lllllllllllllong road ahead of use before we can catch up with our neighbors.

President Joseph Michel Martelly, his wife Sophia, and their children need prayers.

You do not survive in Haitian politics if you are not corrupt, and if you stand up to the con artists or scammers in the government you are in big trouble.

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Tiba says...

Ok people! settle down! take a deep breath and exhale!

People, please stop the nonsense talk about change!

Those of you who are trying so hard to make "Change" as a Haitian phenomenon proves clearly how uninformed and plain ignorant you all are about change and it's process.

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Marie Elie says...

oh mezammi.

mezammi, mezammi gadon yon peyi mezammi

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Carlos, Haitians are so fuck't up and lost, very soon they will say it's Osama Ben Laden

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Carlo says...

Believe me, it is not muslims who did this.

Tout bon, you made me

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Ann Jerry Jerome says...

It's shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, specially Haitians to hear of what happen during the President Inauguration ceremony.It's obvious by now that the world itself knows that the majority of the Haitian people has been guided for so many years by the DEVIL and now it is time for change, though it will not be easy, but soon and very soon all Haitians who lives all over the world will finally realize that only our father who's name is Jesus can changed the heart of the Haitians.

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T.lagwe says...

This incident highlight the deep seeded resentment for change, we can never go back to the Preval era style of government, it's not going to be easy, but those of us who truly love our country will come to her help and show good will and tolerance to our fellow countryman and woman.

May God bless

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