We should not generalize all Haitians as good for nothing...

Jynee - May 10 2011, 12:20 AM

we should not generalize all Haitians as good for nothing welfare recepients Many Haitians are hard working people struggling to survive otherwise where would they get that 2billion to send home each year. yes some Haitians are hustlers and some are lazy but that's in every group.

these vices are notjust the domain of Haitians, look at the guys in wall street who destroy the economy by getting people to invest in all thse bad loans and there are tons of guys like Madoff steals billions inn pyramid schemes, there are crooks in every country, the United States politicians are just more sophisticated with their corruptions.

This belief that all Haitians are crooked is why we have 10.000 NGOs in Haiti because Haitians themselves request that the money does not go Haitians, now what do we Have, american crooks running the show, out of 200 millions worth of contracts less than 2% went to Haitians all of them went to American firms in DC, Maryland and virginia.

these ar no bids contracts given to their friends, and for a Haitians to get a top-paying jobs with an NGO is close to impossible, they hire among themselves for the good jobs and hire haitians at 5 bucks a day to do low jobs. so Crooks comes in all countries it just that if you live in a mostly Haitian community, you most likely will run into more Haitian crooks as they take advantage of haitians but it's no different in other communities, the russians, the chinese, the indians they all take advantage of the vulnarable ones, because crooks are crooks.

we are not necessarily the worse, we are just more familiar with Haitian crooks because we're haitians.

as for following the law, i can't argue with you on that one but at least, the older Haitians follow their own code of conduct and they are scared to go to jail. I think Haitians only respect criminal law, sometimes.

as for immigration law and personal injury laws forget it but most immigrants don't follow these laws either.

Anyways hopefull Martelly put an end to the NGOs gagote and prove once and for all that some Haitians can be trusted to run their own affairs.

If the NGOs was doing a good job then I could deal but they're no better than the Haitian crooks.

it would have been simpler if they took the aid money went directly to the victims intead thru each of the ngos and their bs projects

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Haitian has no purity at all.The government is worse...

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