BEN nice to know that you helped, and you are helping...

Miejo - May 3 2011, 7:35 AM

BEN nice to know that you helped, and you are helping gooddddddddddddddddd,
kanpe, kanpe, kanpe debou, afe ou se diaspora yo pa vle'w se nan tet ou li ye
mon che si se yon vach ki ka bye let, mwen souete ke let ou pa jame seche, Haiti bezion ou.
pour monsieur Suplice ou pa konnin sa li fe, kankou'm pat konen sa ou fe ou sa wap fe
mais nous avons besion des hommes qui sont a l

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I do not beleive you are waiting for me what i can do...

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Hello Wonderfull i am glad you are giving your...

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