I do not beleive you are waiting for me what i can do for the...

Ben - May 2 2011, 8:36 PM

I do not beleive you are waiting for me what i can do for the people during the colera i was in Haiti with my own money i distibute more than 2 thouzand pills to purified water for the people in some area in the country i did that for my country and god. Cependant i know when i am not needed specially in my own country i am a Diaspora.

If you are in Haiti you ok if you are living in the US you are only welcome so the Haitian brother could suck your bood or milk you like a cow.I WONDER HOW MANY PILLS MR SUPLICE DISTRIBUTE TO OUR BROTHER AND SISTER SUFFERING OF COLERA IN HAITI.


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BEN what can you, YOU, you do for us, what can you do...

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BEN nice to know that you helped, and you are helping...

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