Daniel Supplice Appointed Coordinator of the Martelly Transition Team

Haiti president-elect Michel Martelly has chosen his political advisor, Daniel Supplice, to lead his transition team... Is Daniel Supplice qualified?

Daniel Supplice is an ethnologist, a sociologist, and honestly, the guy has a political resume that is as old as "MOI" and believe me, I am not that young!

If your "Francais" is good, you can read Daniel Suplice's resume here.

What is the purpose of a Presidential Transition team in Haiti?

First of all... Transition teams are not something we are used to in Haitian politics. Most Haitian presidents either die in office or are exiled (DESHOUKE). They are never around to "Transit" anything!

I am not kidding... Read your Haitian history!

Transition Teams Serve A Great Purpose...

Remember... The duty of the President of Haiti as Head of State, according to article 136 of the Haitian constitution, is to see to the stability of the institutions and ensure the regular operations of the public authorities and the continuity of the State (LETA).

In order for the president to do that effectively, he has to hire a team who will look at the organization, function, and management of the government departments and agencies that will assist in carrying out the policies of the new president and his government.

Differences in philosophies or ideologies can affect how policies are carried out; therefore, a good look at the inner workings of the departments and agencies is necessary when a change in administrations is about to occur.

(Some of the wording of this article is borrowed from an article by Samuel J. Watson, chief of staff of the Reagan/Bush transition team)


What do you know about Daniel Supplice?

Do you think he is the man for the Job?

There has always been a problem with transparency in the Haitian government... How cooperative do you think the Preval government will be in assuring a smooth transition?

Has there ever been a smooth transition in Haiti?

What if there are questions asked that the current leaders of these government agencies refuse to answer?

Is this how they train the new Haitian leaders on how to become a "Magoullieur?" LOL... I'm just asking...

Tipical Haitian coruption training: "Moncherrrr... Bo isit la... Se konsa bagay yo fet... S'on pase w-ap fe... ou konprann???... Si-w panse ou pral fe bagay serye la-a... w-ap kraze biznis la... ou konprann???"

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Lundi'16 mai 2011


Jean-Michel Caroit est un journaliste raciste du Journal Le Monde.

Depuis au moins vingt ans Jean-Michel Caroit pond des articles sur

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Les Dirigeants

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Ben says...

Responding to you Note here on BelPolitik
We are probally connected by tought due the the fact as a Haitian i am very concern and i think you for the connection you feel with

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E Reyme says...

I do not know you, but we feel connected, Would you call this number so we could discuss in private.

I know a lot about politics in Haiti.

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Ben says...

Thank you very much for imput.

Past present equal future well said Sir in Haiti contex does those word mean anything?

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E Reyme says...

I can feel how respectful are you. If you love history, let me tell you there is no such thing called " rupture with the past".It is only a game of words.

If I could put it in a formula, I would say: Past + Present= Future.

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Ben says...

I am so sorry you were a victim of your own Gov even i do not have anything to do with your Deboire with those 2 non Democrat.

With all due respect sir if i have to reconstruc our country with Corup Haitian past et present I will tell you Thank you very much i do not need to rebuilt the Cathedral chuch with donation from corup Haitian in the past they have blood and misery on their hand.Our NEW PRESIDENT AND HAITIAN WANT CHANGE AND RUPTURE WITH THE PAST. As i understand from our new leader the buz word is rupture with the past that mean new start with new driver at the wheel to guide our country and make us proud and once again be part of the concert ot nation.

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E. Reyme says...

First, How old are you?

When you mentioned he is the past, what is the basis of your thinking?

The past carries experience.

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Ben says...


I have meet the new President a few times sir, i love my country but i do care a lot about our new President he is honest, sincere,and my wish is that he is our new JFK IN HAITI.Our new President love the Haitian people and in talking to him i could c that. Cependant the new word is CHANGE.and i pray he would not be out of focus by his entourage.

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E Reyme says...

Please stop and give a chance to the new government in formation.Now is not the moment for division.

Let us give our contribution for a new Haiti.

I do not care if his collaborators will be Macoute or Lavalas.

What I care about is to have people who can stop corruption, people who can get consensus to make the country a small paradise in the

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