I think this is a fresh start we need this if we want to put...

Myrtho - April 17 2011, 6:54 AM

I think this is a fresh start we need this if we want to put Haiti on the right track.

we also have to be on guard so history does not repeat itself.

We have to show and prove that we are civilized human beings.

We need to join force with our fellow citizens not against them. We are a nation like any others and we can do wonders if we try to understand why others do not want us to succeed.

The international media keep repeating over and over that we are the poorest of the poor because we do not unify among ourselves but we can prove them wrong.

As Haitian i found out that we waste our time beating around the bushes.

I think we need to brainstorm more constructive ideas to reconstruct our country.

A change in doing things the right possible way without emotions and mostly away from magouges (which we are so famously good at) will do wonders .Let's borrow president Obama's famous words " WE CAN DO IT, AND YES WE WILL".


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