Hello sir, You started with hate and finished with respect to...

Garry Destin - April 17 2011, 8:00 AM

Hello sir,
You started with hate and finished with respect to your people.

Do you know who that Chevalier Jr was?

He waste negotiator.

Mr Chevalier wanted the duvalier era because any time a union would start they would be beaten or killed.

At that time, their wage was $1.50 a day. Pristine raised it to $2.50.
How much is a bag of rice, how much is a tatap do the calculation..

About factory workers, everyone had someone in it.
Learn to calm and dialog instead of acting like an arrogant jack.
Go ahead and do some research on chevalier Jr. Maybe it is you.
All I hope is Martely will have real negotiator who knows a basic human dignity is.
Jamaica and south America their pay go upon their basic necessity and that"s how you see major progress.

One must give it people the insensitive.

So my friend I don't how old you are but you should learn how to calm down.

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Garry Destin,as long Haitians are ignorants,just like...

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