Haiti presidents Martelly and Preval met friday for Breakfast and more...

Over the weekend, president Michel Martelly met with president Rene Preval to discuss the state of the union.

Michel Martelly

"les grand dossiers de l'etat," radio Kiskeya says...

The two presidents met at the residence of president Rene Preval for a business breakfast accompanied by haiti prime minister Jean Max Bellerive.


This is cool... Most ot the time in Haitian politics there is NO transition...

What do you think?

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Patricia says...

Cap Haitian, Gonaive,Port Au Prince, Port De Paix, Aux Cayes and the other cities need to start cleaning before the inauguration we are going to have a lot of visitors in couple of weeks so let do something about all those trashs that are in the street.The youths in Jacmel already started let follow their example by changing Haiti face. Thank you! God bless

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Jean Paul says...

Good decision from Mr Preval to Meet the elected president Michel Martelly.

it seems to me that Haiti will start a new period like a powerful nation.

i expect Michel Martelly do the best he can for the people who believe him .He has to succeed .May God bless our nation ! May God assist Michel in his very very difficult

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Patricia says...

The youths in Jacmel are cleaning their city, what about PAP, Cap Haitian, Port de paix, Gonaives,Aux Cayes and the other cities what are you waiting for?.We need to start doing something on our own before they will come help us, no more sitting around but let use our brain to give Haiti a new face the president can not do it by himself.Yes we can if we put our head together.God bless Martelly and God bless

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Youyou says...

se kom-m si preval ak martelly te giyin yon problem.

moin kwe ke anpil nan nou we preval kap danse ak martelly nan yon bal prive.

se we moin we haitian tap chire pit you pou mesiye sa yo. ou pral we yo pral manje sou min-m tab ansan excepte ke yo pap trust aristid paske yo konnin aristid se yon trait li

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S.i says...

Without no doubt deep in his heart preval said:(mwen manke pase sou ou)The same preval will advise sweet micky)on what?

siman lap fel moral sil pa gen

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Marleine says...

Je pense que c'est une bonne chose qu'ils se rencontrent mais il faut toute fois mettre les choses au clair avec le depart de l'ancien

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Garry Destin says...

Amen to

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Miejo says...

Garry tout a fait d'accord avec vous,
cet homme doit apprendre a aimer, a respecter, a bien se calmer, il doit aussi apprendre que seule

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Mm says...


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