3 Journalists Fired From Haiti TV Station THH After A Michel Martelly Visit...

YOU'RE FIRED! --- Three journalists working for Television National D'Haiti (TNH) were fired after a courtesy visit by president-elect Michel Martelly reports say...

President Michel Martelly - You're Fired

Is this a coincidence?

Is Sweet Micky the new Donald Trump of Haiti???

Here's the story...

According to news reports, Haitian journalists Eddy Jackson Alexis, Josias Pierre and Jacques Innocent accused TNH director general Pradel Henriquez of favoring Michel Martelly during the presidential campaign.

Pradel Henriquez says it was a smear campaign... And So...

He fired the 3 journalists and filed a criminal defamation action lawsuit against them. Alexis and Pierre are being sued for 50 million gourdes in damages, approximately $1,250,000 [USD]. and a three-year jail sentence is also being requested.

Understandable... Right?

You do not talk bad about your BOSS and expect to have a job in the morning...

In most cases, your ass is grass.. LOL... That's life...

The Accusation...

According to the journalists, Henriquez favored Martelly for president. They claim that Michel Martelly was getting 45 minutes of press at TNH for every 10 minutes given to Mirlande Manigat.

Come to think of it...

OBAMA got a lot of coverage from CNN during his campaign... I wonder who got fired there...

OR... maybe the CNN reporters read the employee handbook! Huhhh!

The Controversy... Did President Martelly Order the FIRING?

The journalists were fired after a visit by president-elect Michel Martelly to Television National d'Haiti.


Would a president have to walk into a TV station in order to have 3 journalists fired in a world where cell phones are available?

I read on Facebook that Reporters Without Borders is calling on president-elect Michel Martelly to condemn TNH firings... What do you think will happen?

Reply with your comments

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Tirion says...

MICHEL MARTELLY is forcing by UNICEF to stop international induvidual adoption.

My president i voted you for change do not let rich people put you in trouble, you only have to help adoption program, to create a better foreig home for the children in adoption, not to be restaveck, slave.

Unicef never help kids on the streets, it s the he is rich, MICHEL MARTELLY you have to think think before taking any bad decision.

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Manu says...

I understand where you are coming from Mr Dan, as a jounalist my-self I was so tired of hearing that phrase:(journalists are replacable)specially when I know of many journalists whom are devoted to perform excellent jobs despites the risks involved in the trade.Now I do not know the fired journalists but the deserve support from us first, in a fragile place like Haiti which have never been given a chance to be on its two feet since 1492 when groups of international mercenairies mostly from Europe, backed up by kings and queens and the likes, went on a rampage and decided to throw the anchor on the Haitian choire and that was the end of my beautifull country Haiti.

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Jean Baptiste Ronald says...

mwen se journaliste et sociologue

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Solidarite Internationale says...

Firing a journalist does not need all those interventions or speculations.

References Dan Rather from CBS, Bryant Gumble Today show, all journalists are replacable, Let the issue be resolve in the courtroom.

Be strong Pradel Henriquez a job is a

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Renaud Charlespierre says...

Unfair they way they fired them.But That doesn't surprise

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Tiba says...

Isn't THH a government run television?

And isn't Martelly now the government?

THH is not a Private Owned Television.

It belongs to the government.

Don't you people have any brain at

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Miejo says...

Education mon cher, Education pa gen lot - Michel qui dit avec tous les

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Miejo says...

Education mon cher, Education pa gen lot - Michel qui dit avec tous les

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Adrien Chenet says...


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Ricardo says...

Wow you just hit the nails at the right point.

il y a beaucoup be genres qui met toutes leurs confiances en un seul homme Le President.

j'ai laisse les Etats Unis pour venir m'implanter dans ce beau pays.

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