Garry Destin, as long Haitians are ignorants, just like you...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 17 2011, 6:46 AM

Garry Destin, as long Haitians are ignorants, just like you. Haiti will always in trouble.

Before i go with you any futher, let's me tell you my mother use to work in factories, Accra is one of them ect...

Now let's talk.
All 3rd world countries survive and exploited in the same system at that time and still the case now, will continue if the big leaders don't rectified this system of severe exploitation, it will continue forever.

In Jean Claude era thing use to be more flexible cause the poor had works, people were not that happy either but they had a job to go every day, the facts were not clear in the central American countries and Asia either.

As for the presidents after Jean Claude, cuase when Jean Claude leave Haiti, almost all the factories leaves as well.The presidents after Jean Claude has not much choice to play with, Haiti begs for the same force of labor Jean Claude has in his time.
I hope you remember?

You said the bosses use to rape the women or forced them for sex favors.Please, be realistic or be more just.
I never works in a factory in Haiti.

But, according to my mother only few Haitian woman are not bitches.

In most case, i think Haitian woman are bitches when misery strike them hard (some of them).

Even in the USA at works alot of other carribeans women are complaining about that problem concerning Haitian women at the works place.

We need to talk to our women period, maybe they have a reason to be so or do so.
Maybe they like to fuck with bosses,(they get a kick out of it).

In USA they fuck maybe it's power.

In haiti if the women fuck with the bosses, maybe it's misery.

Haitian official need to negociate the max for the factory workers.

Smokes don't raise with out fire.See all the fact first.

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Here is one of what in the dossier. Haitians factory...

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