Courage and Strength

Mira - April 16 2011, 1:45 PM

Dear President Martelly, You are a soldier of Christ! May he empower you with his light as you handle the many areas in Haiti that are in need for improvement.

May you find the WAY to make Haitians dependent on their own resources and the resources of the land. The lands is the wealth of any country.

Work the land, the farms ancourage agriculture, commerce.

Protect the farmers, revise and adjust the laws. Render the people less dependent on the diaspora.

The diaspora must stop their sending money in Haiti all the time. People must learn to stand on their own 2 feet things that are always giving free are usually not appreciated and the one who gives always end up giving more and more and the recipients never get enough.

Earn the respect of Haitians back give only when it is truly needed.

You work for what you earn so it should be for all respectable human beings including Haitians.

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