I want to help my country Haiti

Lamarre Israel Guerrier - April 11 2011, 9:15 AM

Dear president and staff,

I would like to speak to you or a member of your staff and if it's possible we can work together.

I am an Haitian American citizen working for one of the best school in Connecticut that received a blue ribbon for its performance by William Jefferson Clinton when he was president of United States.

This school, The Norwich Free Academy (NFA) offers over 2,500 students a unique combination of the best in private and public education.

NFA serves as a secondary school of choice to Norwich and seven surrounding communities (Bozrah, Canterbury, Franklin, Lisbon, Preston, Sprague, and Voluntown), as well as tuition students.

The Academy is a privately endowed, independent, comprehensive high school founded by a group of millionaires American citizen in 1854 who had a tone of money, they decided to donate the money to the community in building this prestigious school calling Norwich Free Academy.

So, I am responsible of discipline for the entire school, it is hard but we have success.

So, we'll talk more about it. I need your phone or cell phone number and the email address you use every day please, because I need to help my country if it's possible.

Have a nice day and I wish you success in the presidency.


(P.S) My office phone number is 860-425-5642 you may call me at any time from 7 am until 2:30 pm leave a message if I am not at the office I will return you the call. My home phone number is 203-681-5068 from 4pm until night time like 10 pm bed time.

Lamarre Israel Guerrier

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Patricia says...

Sir,you can write the president in that site it's. Thank you! for your desire to help our beloved country. more »

Toussaint says...

Thanks for the website Patricia. I think the Haitian Diasporas must play a vital role in helping our country rebuild and prosper. I keep hearing... more »