Better question is, will Bill Clinton and his goons in the...

Jynee - April 8 2011, 11:50 PM

Better question is, will Bill Clinton and his goons in the Interim Commission be transparent with the new Haitian government and the Haitian people.

Haitian so far has only 2% of the contracts.

Clinton has been busy facilliating projects for his buddies maybe that's why the other countries are witholding funds, they see the games.

Corruptions is not limited just to Haitian governments, the foreigners are just as corrupt, they are just better at hiding their corruption.

the only reason, they always bring up this corruption issues is to make sure they starve and undermine Haitian administrations so the money can flow directly to them instead of the Haitian government.

I advise my Haitian people to be more alert and read between the lines.

do your research and don't be so quick to drop the ax on your fellow Haitians, the foreigners are just as corrupt if not worse.

you can point to Haitian corruptions, foreigners are like rats, mode soufle.

they pretend to care and beg on our behalf and use the funds to benefit themselves while squarely placing the blames on the shoulder of the haitian government for their lack of results.

I am no fan of Preval but lets be Honest, out of the first 1 billion dollar that was donated to Haiti, the Haitian government only receive 10 million.

that's 1% but they blame their effectiveness and lack of progress again on the Haitian government.

Be smart people, don't fall for the blame the Haitian government game for the foreigners failure.

Martelly is smarter than Preval and he understand how powerful image is. so I know he's not going to let the foreigners keep projecting this image of Haiti as helpless and hopeless nation and it's government useless and incapable of running the country.

The way the foreigners steal Haitian funds is to say haitians don't have the proper administration to absorb the funds.

Paul Farmer got 80 million dollars from Haiti's funds, yet the Haitian ministry of Health is starving.

Red cross got over 400million while Haitian Hospitals are force to close their doors.

Clinton already start the game, Martelly better be smart and let the foreigners know who's boss. they need to really reign these NGOs and start deporting them back to where they came from if they are not providing any real service to the People while selling images of our poverty abroad.

Haitian people in Haiti are wise and that is why I read many articles that said Haitians do not like being pictured or showing up on cameras.

our people are not stupid they know that our misery is being sold. cite soleil make front page but they never run a story about our beautiful beach or anything regarding our rich culture.

SO don't think for one second that Clinton don't have his own ulterior motive.

He could find money quick for the factory in the North but they can't find money to help the State University of Haiti.

the Clinton/bush initiative still have funds so why not give it to the University?

It's a shame the President of the University was here looking for funds because the money allocated is only for elementary education.

yet they had over 200 million for the factory complex.

not that it's not good to create these kind of Jobs But Haitians also need Higher education and to claim to rebuild a country and not to focus on Higher education is a shame! Clinton is watching Martelly administration, well who's watching Clinton?

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