Toay is a great day for Haitian people to have a serious...

Jodanis Belizaire - April 9 2011, 12:15 AM

toay is a great day for Haitian people to have a serious person to lead them.

I want you to remember this day .it's an acte of God believe it or not because i knew this will happen that Haiti will know some better days lol.

by the way, the President ought to know that he can't lead this people with out asking God to help him it's impossible he must be careful of what i say if he ask God to help him, he will have success and he will be powerful than ever and he will be knolageable, God will show him what to do he will be in our story as the best president that we ever have his name will stay from generation to generation.

May God bless Haiti and may he bless the president and his entire family.

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