This is a message to united us not to tear us apart., Martelly...

Natacha - April 5 2011, 11:49 PM

This is a message to united us not to tear us apart., Martelly may God bless you and help you in that hard mission.

If we all put our differences aside, something good can come out this country.

Good way of addressing the opponent Martelly when she keep saying that there fraud and can't accept her defeat.

Anyway Martelly is now the president of all Haitian believe it or not. Whoever have a problem with it better pray God to take away the devil in you so we can move forward with the country.

You need to pray God to put united spirit in you so Haiti can breath.

Also the opposition will have to take a break and put themselves togehtere with Martelly and his governmentto get the country on the right path so the Haitian people can breath and be proud again.

We need to work together to get those people who are sleeping under the tentes and are being murdered, raped, and victimized by their own people, their own blood.

Haitian people it is time to wake up.
Haiti may God bless you.

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