Once again, Mirelande Manigat disappointed me for saying the...

Toulimen - April 6 2011, 12:20 AM

Once again, Mirelande Manigat disappointed me for saying the winning victory was stolen from her and she did not wish well to the next president of Haiti.

You are very dishonest to say that they stole your votes.

The only way your votes could not be stolen is this: "They should have filled the ballot boxes for you like they did for your husband in 1989." Shame on you! You were lucky to get 30% of those votes because Haitians are not that connected with you. Shame on you and you are very far to represent a strong Haitian woman who could pave the way for female Haitians in the future.

Shame on you and you don't really love Haiti if you could believe that Martelly is not up to the task. Haiti will be rebuilt whether you like it or not and it will move forward.

Shame on you! You were promised to replace Preval through stolen elections, but we were ready to teach you and Preval a lesson about stolen elections.

Hopefully, the CEP has respected the people's votes although you were promised to be the winner.

Haitian masses decide about elections in HAITI and it will be the same in the future.

As you were complaining to have electronic votes so they could steal votes for you, Haiti would not go that way and both systems will be used like Israel to prevent stolen votes.

You are defeated and it is your last chance Grandma.

Shame on you!

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