I read this article with pain and sorrow. I wonder if we are...

Nicolas Ronel - April 4 2011, 10:23 AM

I read this article with pain and sorrow.

I wonder if we are really a nation?

what is the real reason of the presence of the US marines in my country?

I can't understand Ambassador Marten when he speaks for justifying the marines presence that they came for the huricane season.

Just a lie. There is nothing true in that. I wonder why is minustah in the country?

in case the haitian authorities would be overcome by the huricane season but minustah is there! I think US authorities have a special plan for my country.

Don't be hipocrit.Just say what it is. If they came for huricane season we are not in june that is the period beginnig of huricane.

Stay for.That hurts me deeply as a real haitian citizen.

I say to obama government: You must respect my country and its laws. When I go your homeland i respect the US laws because it's the law. Please, Mr Obama.we, the haitian youth don't need the presence of military in my country.

we don't need this kind of help to rebuild our nation.All we need is development cooperation in the respect of the international laws. We need a more well prepared youth in education, technical and professional area. We need your cooperation in work area too.But we don't need your militaries.

Keep them for youself and your country.

We are a peaceful country spite our great misery created by the international community leaned by haitian thieves leaders and politician unshamed.

Please give us a chance!yes give us a chance! !then!

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