My friend don't say blacks don't know how to do revolutiin. If...

Garry Destin - April 3 2011, 12:43 PM

My friend don't say blacks don't know how to do revolutiin.

If you look throught history people like hitler, papa doc, baby doc, aristide, preval and manigat etc they rely on poverty and ignorance to rule.
Aristide and preval could have bilt many schools to educate their great suporters but they know that once their mind is open, they will no longer be animal like any more.
By starving a brain, a person has not much memory which turns him into an animal like.
Memory help a person to evolve but a starved mind is unable to move forward.

Have you ever gone to the zoo?

An animal born in captivity can't provide for itself so it relies on its master for its survival therefore it has to be humble.

If you see people like Henry Christoph, Dessaline, toussaint, Petion etc wouln't care if their belly is empty tomorrow as long as their mind is full.
In other words, we must get rid of people like preval, aristide and manigat.

They enjoy watching their people dooming while they doing fine.
So next time don't please don't mention blacks in thing like that. Aristide, Preval and Manigat don't see themselves as blacks but as masters.

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