Unity makes us strenght

Thelemaque Florvil - April 3 2011, 7:35 PM

I am very glad to see how our intellectual group of politicians are banished before the humble Haitian people.

Even the latest one dishonor those people who keep silent while the misery runs fast.Our politician make deal with our poor people and today this group receives a duty pay for their betrayal.

In the other side, I feel sorry for this shame unfortunately I belong to this intellectual class.

When I was teaching I tried to prevent them that disaster, some said that I deny the people.

Today, you give me reason.

Now, I encourage the elected to reform our education system, our force of order and give to the State the dignity by informing your people.

We want to give all our support to put away mercenariness from our land.You have a duty task, look for all those worthy inside or outside to rebuilt our dear country.

May god bless you and your staff.

We continue to pray for our people.

Don't let delinquents disturb our security because tourist must return home.

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